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Dark Red Lips

A key makeup trend this season, dark red lips have clearly replaced the classic red lip.  Allure has it listed as one of the top 10 makeup trends for Fall.

While I personally believe that everybody can wear this trend, all it takes is some research into the most flattering shade for your skin tone. If you’re the adventurous type like me, I say have fun wearing a shade of dark red that you like. You shouldn’t have to be bound by rules, so have fun with it if you want.

A video by YouTube’s makeup guru LoLuFullyLoaded demonstrates how to apply this season’s makeup trend, dark red lips.

Established in January 2011 with her own website , she has her own You Tube channel, where she is a partner with Style Haul.

Her channel will be listed in the YouTube Channel Line-Up category of links. So be sure to click the link and subscribe.


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