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Digital Coverage MBNYFW Inaugural: Organic by John Patrick

I’ll be the first to admit that minimalism is something that is not synonymous when it comes to me and my personal style, but it isn’t a far stretch to say that the Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection didn’t really wow me completely for until the last few looks made their way down the runway. However, it isn’t fair to dismiss Organic by John Patrick based on my feelings towards minimalism. He actually had a decent color palette, which is actually a good thing. So I did actually take a liking to this line.

The color palette, which is impressive, was tan, white, cream, beige, black, rust, salmon, dusty rose, gray, goldenrod, blue-gray, pink, carnation pink, hot pink. Armed with a variety of looks, the collection consisted of crop tops, pencil skirts, short-shorts, elbow-length gloves, blazers, a boxy fit blazer, and dresses. I do love Patrick’s sense of color harmony in one of the final looks, pairing a pink cropped twinset with a hot pink pencil skirt. A favorite look of mine, look 18, is reminiscent of a photograph taken by photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark in the mid 1980s of a runaway teenage girl called Tiny. The only difference is that the model sporting look 18 isn’t wearing the veiled hat Tiny (Erin Charles) wore, nor is she sporting the tea length gloves that Tiny wore. The dress isn’t the same either, but the top in look 19 resembles the dress that Tiny wore.       Overall, the look to me was 1980s working girl meets mid-late 1990s Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger. To view the collection, click here:


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