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Digital MBNYFW Inaugural: Gryphon

When I saw designer Aimee Cho’s latest collection for her label, Gryphon, I felt as if I was instantly being taken on trip back in time back when I was 11 and in middle school. Both of those things mean that I felt as if I was being taken back to 1993 with this fall/winter 2013 collection. The collection literally represented what I saw middle school students from 5th grade – 8th grade wear each day. “Approachable outerwear”* is what Cho is known for, and to me, what I just described in reaction to the collection I saw does mean that Ms. Cho actually succeeds with her concept. I will say that with 21 looks in this collection, Gryphon will not just be a mythical creature . It will be a label that succeeds in walking the walk while talking the talk, something that is essential in a concept.

While coats were the norm for this collection, she shows that she’s not afraid of variety when it came to each look. When you have a color palette of black, tan, tannin, nude, olive green, white, almond cream, copper tan, rattan, yolk yellow, goblin blue, imperial blue, blue nights, patriot blue, orion blue, violet blue, gray, forest green, and almond, you have to be creative with how you utilize that palette. Now, I for one, wish Cho would venture a little out of her comfort zone when it comes to color and not stay within minimalist neutral/earth tones. A change in the usual color palette would do her some good every now and then. Other than that, I actually have no complaints. I like her collection and I even like some of her looks.

The one thing that made me think of 1993 was actually the chambray shirt seen in one of the looks. If it wasn’t the tomboyish grunge rampant in each look, it was definitely the chambray shirt that did me in. I noticed some things that are fast becoming trends in other runway collections I’ve seen thus far. The use of plaid, fur trim (fox fur was used), flannel, leather (or leatherette) are all shaping up to be “in” this coming Fall and Winter season. Two things that stood out to me in this collection are overalls and camouflage.

While it’s becoming apparent that prints are once again dominating the runways thus far, this is definitely the first time I saw camouflage being utilized. In my neck of the woods, if you have the funds to do so, purchasing the camouflage print coat in one look, would be ultimate go-to item. A little Redneck Riviera chic, which is good. Color-blocking was used in a look (maybe even a few others), models sported beanie hats in some looks as well. Turtlenecks, varsity jacket, canvas, ankle length pants, blazers, fitted blazer, flare pants, boots, bomber jacket, leggings, cropped jacket, flannel jacket, vest, and cargo pants were also present in some looks. Overall, the collection had a tomboy grunge about ready to partake in “the hunt” circa 1993. I actually liked the collection regardless of the color palette.

To see the collection, visit:


*= Adams, Brittany. “Gryphon Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Runway Review.” 5 Feb 2013. Conde Nast. 7 Feb 2013 <;


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