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Digital MBNYFW Inaugural: Skaist-Taylor

While I was saddened to hear of the departure of Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy from one of my favorite labels ever, Juicy Couture, in 2010, seeing the latest collection from their new label, called Skaist-Taylor, more than makes up for this. While “the label is a year old this season”*, it’s clear that the dynamic duo behind the label are just getting started. As soon as I first saw laid eyes on each look in Skaist-Taylor’s latest collecion for Fall/Winter 2013-14, I knew I’d see a collection of stunning looks true to the overall personality that once made Juicy Couture a house name (aside from the french terry and velour tracksuits, that is): youthful, flirty, free-spirited, etc. As soon as each look made its way down the runway, I was officially hooked on this collection and I love it!

A stunning collection that’s reminiscent of the late 1960s-early 1970s, the latest one came equipped with a color palette of red, olive green, gray, white, cream, royal blue, black, navy blue, beige, rust, gold, yellow, and mint green. A few of the looks from this collection had featured short-shorts paired with either blazers and over-the knee boots or blazers and heels. Some of the dresses in the collection reminded me of, especially the two maxi dresses and the two with a cut-out neckline, were reminiscent of something seen in clothing stores and some fashion magazines during 1972-1973. Knits had a place in the collection, as did a floor-length skirt, a pea coat, mini-dresses, mini skirts, peplum top, cigarette pants, cargo pants, plunging necklines, fur trims, tweed (or is it boucle?) fabric in the form of a suit out of the mod 1960s, ruffles, animal print, and jacquard fabric were all spotted. The sweater dress, was a “long Lurex dress”* that “was woven with a soft wool on the inside to make it comfortably wearable”.*

Once again, I love this line! It has a 1960s British Invasion Mod-Era Beefeater(Yeoman Warders) aesthete meets early-mid 1970s with some of the pieces. To view the collection, visit


*= Singer, Maya. “Skaist-Taylor Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Runway Review.” 6 Feb 2013. Conde Nast. 7 Feb 2013 <;


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