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Digital MBNYFW Day 1: Nicholas K

I began my first day of coverage for MBNYFW Fall/Winter 2013-14 by watching a live stream of Nicholas K’s runway show via fellow fashion blogger Fashion and the Steal. As excited as I was nervous since I had no idea as to how I was going to go about viewing the show and typing up an entry reviewing what I saw, I soon got out some paper and pencil to take notes. The color palate for this collection was awash in beige/white, black/white, beige, black, olive green, gray, blue-gray, and eggplant. Neutral for the most part, nary a jewel tone in sight from my perspective. Any of the colors that were in the collection were very subdued earthy tones.

The women’s outfits had this futuristic/aviator post-apocalyptic feel, tied in with a minimalist runway/backdrop. However, the inner geek/nerd in me sees a Star Wars influence. The fabrics, for the most part, were flowy; judging by the way some of the pieces were draped/constructed. I’m guessing that a majority of the pieces were made from silk/or satin, cotton and knits. One thing that stood out was the well executed contrast pairing of fabrics when it came to layering.

At first glance, I saw that wedge heels ruled this runway, however, upon further inspection, I found that they were likely open toed boots. Almost all of the pieces were layered, something else that I thought was very well executed! In addition to the layering and the contrast in fabrics used in said layering, the designer showed a good sense of draping with some of the fabrics used. Some of the dresses were drop waisted, while some were one-shouldered as well. There were hooded cowl-neck pullovers and cowl-neck sweaters.

Some of the dresses and shirts had asymmetrical hems, while skinny leg pants were de rigeur. I also saw the collection as being minimalist meets Return of the Jedi, overall very interesting. However, I would like to see a more judicious use of colors mixed in with neutrals. It’s as if neutrals or very muted colors have become the immediate crutch for a designer to use, fearing that colors are a gamble that one shouldn’t take. I honestly can’t see some of the pieces even being worn as an overall outfit, separately, it’s possible.


To view the collection, click here:


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