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Digital MBNYFW Day 1: Richard Chai Love

The line from Richard Chai Love featured a neutral color palette; black, olive green, purple and dark teal blue were prominent. The overall look was minimalistic varietal tailored, with patterns used very sparingly. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of a neutral color palette, especially when it’s used in the fall, but I did like how the designer was able to use a golfer plaid/check print for one of his pieces. Now don’t fret dear fashionistos and fashionistas, this new golfer plaid/check print is not your great-uncle or grandfather’s dreaded polyester golfer plaid/check print often seen in golf courses, this fabric was actually a cotton fabric judging by what I saw. Take note ladies and gents, this is golfer plaid/check print done right.

Bomber jackets were the stars of the show this season, the same goes for blazers and booties. I am hoping that what I saw by means of necklines is something that’s going to stay for a while, the off-the shoulder neckline. I saw two pieces that had the off-the shoulder neckline, a blue silk off-the shoulder blouse and a cocktail dress with an off-the shoulder neckline. There was a purple tweed coat, which was a nice change from the blazers and bomber jackets. This ensured that the tweed coat stood out in the sea of blazers and bomber jackets. I did see a form-fitting blazer in there as well, which is always a treat for a woman with a small waist/or an hourglass figure. Front slit pencil skirts were seen as well as floor-length peplum skirts with a front slit.

For me, the one piece that stood out to me the most was the purple/gray skirt set that was made entirely from brocade fabric. I’m not sure about that because it very well could be damask fabric, so it could be one of the two fabrics. Cropped, flared pants were a part of the collection as were cigarette leg pants. Cocktail dresses were also en masse, a standout one for me being this black turtleneck cocktail dress with sheer sleeves. Some of the pieces have versatility, something that’s important for a working person. One thing is made clear to me, Richard Chai Love is a staple wardrobe for those seeking versatility and a look that could carry them from the office to the night life. The overall look is crisply tailored, with eye popping patterns in the  mix. To see pictures from the collection go to

The runway show did feature menswear as well as womenswear, just so you know.


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