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MBNYFW Day 1: Tadashi Shoji

When Tadashi Shoji’s runway show began, I thought, “Oh great, another collection with neutrals and very sparing use of color and patterns,”. It turns out that by the time the show ended and the designer took his bow, I was proven wrong. In my book, that is a good thing since I’m not a big fan of neutrals being the main palette in a collection. I honestly thought that the whole point in utilizing neutrals in a collection was to tone down a bright color, or a loud pattern even. Sometimes I do wonder, as I have previously mentioned, whether or not neutrals are sometimes used as a crutch? Well, to each their own, in that case.

It turns out the color palette actually had a nice variety of color and neutrals, with the colors being royal blue, red, purple, rose, and burgundy. The neutrals are tan, black, and white. Two pieces, which are sporting another trend I see, a bateau/boat neckline, are a top and dress that appear to have a boxy fit. Some of the fabrics are sheer, with some of the tops or dresses having sheer sleeves. Most of the dresses had a high neckline and flowy skirts, while others were loosely form fitting.

The same goes for the skirts in that case; loosely form fitting. Lace was prevalent as was velvet. The velvet dresses had puff sleeves, immediately they reminded me of the new romantic style that hit the USA via MTV in 1982, around the time I was born, whereas over in the UK the new romantic style had peaked in 1981. Consider this to be a streamlined, sleeker version of new romantic. There were feathery sleeves and a feathery skirt in one or two outfits. The last few dresses had a tiered/or ruffled skirt. Menswear inspired tuxedo pants were seen along with some capelets.

Overall, I loved this collection. It was so awash in color that it reminded me of a lush movie-musical set from MGM or 2oth Century Fox from the 1940s-1950s. I loved it! I loved the variety in color seen in the pieces. To see the entire collection, visit


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