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Coverage of MBNYFW 2013-14 Day 1: Sachin+Babi

I do confess that while I practically eat, sleep, breathe, and live fashion, there was a time when I had to put that on the back burner when I was in college and a few years after college. The fact that I had never heard of Sachin+Babi before now is very telling. With a color palette of blue, black, white, orange, silver, gold, yellow, olive green, and peach used, I have to say that this collection so far is fast becoming my favorite. While black was the feature color for most outfits and dresses, there were some patterns present, a nice change from the overall black/white. There was a presence of a Nehru collar jacket in one look, while two looks had flared, ruffled miniskirts that were reminiscent of Madonna about 30 years ago, complete with the 1980s-esque belt. One look reminds me of a power suit that a woman with an office job would wear, complete with the shoulder pads. That particular blazer had an ombre effect to it, with black gradually fading to white.

Leather was in full force with some pieces, it seems, judging by one look with a top and cigarette leg pant set and one being a top. Sheer fabrics were utilized along with lace. An ombre a-line skirt was present as well, which looked very nice. There were sequins from head to toe in one look, another look had a sequined skirt. Fur was present in two out of the last three looks seen.

One thing that shocked me was the use of a shade of orange that I had not seen since they were on the kitchen walls of my maternal grandmother’s old duplex on Church Street in Salem back in 1973-1979/1980. The only reason I even know that is because I saw some photographs taken back around that time. Those three looks, one cigarette leg pantsuit, a blazer, a dress, and either leggings or nylons in the third look had that exact shade of orange in this collection. So for this label, I’m impressed by this collection. I could see myself purchasing a few pieces.

To see the collection visit:


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