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Digital MBNYFW Day 1: Kenneth Cole

One of last night’s shows that pretty much closed out yesterday’s block of fashion shows, would be that of Kenneth Cole. After a 6 year long hiatus, Kenneth Cole re-emerged better than ever. Utilizing modern technology in the runway show, Cole has clearly embraced the role technology plays in today’s world and how it influences and shapes our lives and how we live it. He even encouraged the audience to keep their cellphones on, which to me is like something you’d witness occurring only on Opposite Day, once a year. Kenneth Cole’s show was the only one I caught via live stream on his site, which was linked by an ad at, but it was well worth watching.

Being in the industry for 30+ years and being on hiatus for 6 years, clearly do nothing to knock over Cole. Drawing on the theme of everyday urban life as seen in the projection photos along the wall, Cole kicked off his runway show with a model strutting down wearing a menswear-inspired tweed pantsuit complete with open-toed boots, slicked back hair and red lips. Using a color palette of neutrals and muted dark colors, burgundy, eggplant purple, shades of black/gray, white, brown, olive green, and emerald green. The overall look was reminiscent of futuristic mad men meets 1980s working girl in a power suit. I love how he mixed textures through layering. Chokers were prevalent as were the hats worn by some models. Judging by what I saw, the hats could’ve been fedoras. This menswear inspired collection is something that I do like, I could actually see myself wearing some of the pieces.

Pencil skirts were prevalent, as were mini skirts, peplum skirts, an a-line skirt, and skirts with asymmetrical hems. Sheer sleeves were present along with gauntlet gloves. Leather was prevalent in some pieces, sheer fabric, velvet, and lace were also used along with tweed. Leather pants, studded clutch, open toed mules, patterns, vests, heeled mules/clogs. Even a pair of emerald green booties were spotted and aviator shades. This was a great show, I like the entire theme and the colors. Not too minimalistic for my taste at all. This closes my day of live streamed fashion shows from day 1.

To see the entire collection, visit:


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