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Digital Coverage of MBNYFW Day 1: Sergio Davila

I was unable to catch the stream of Sergio Davila’s collection for this season, so I caught up by watching the runway show via fashiontv. I liked the collection, given that it was the first time I ever heard of Sergio Davila. I wasn’t too fond of the color palette, which was neutral with limited color. However, being a Jersey girl, the animal print available in the collection more than made up for it. The color palette used was brown, tan (beige?), black, burgundy, navy blue, gray, gold, bronze, and white.

Leather was used in this collection, especially used for a skirt. There was also a leather bomber jacket in one look. Blazers were an added attraction, with one in leather, one in taffeta, and one that’s studded. Wide leg pants and cigarette leg pants were in some looks. Contrast to those two others, there were also ankle length leggings.

There was a one-shoulder top that stood out along with some animal prints I saw in a few looks. There were platform shoes and booties, which I loved to no end. The color palette was very limited and consisted mainly of neutrals, which I guess is good if you’re trying to make a cohesive collection with the leather and animal print.

To see the collection, visit this site to watch the video :

Brought to you by both me and fashiontv, though fashion tv deserves the credit more since they have this on their you tube channel.


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