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Digital Coverage of MBNYFW Day 5: Betsey Johnson

Welcome back Betsey! It’s been a long time since we last saw you in the fashion world, and your comeback was well worth the wait. I, like many other fans, was shocked and saddened when you said your stores were going to close last spring. Your reassurance that you’d be coming back better than ever before was proven here today as it was last season.

Boy was it ever proven that Betsey was back and stronger than ever, and what better way to do that with, but a runway show that had an athletic/fighter/strong theme to it? The runway was lined with yoga/or exercise mats for each model to stand on after she walked down in her outfit/look. In full Betsey fashion, the pieces were ripe and robust with color and prints galore. All of it was absolutely fabulous, from the wigs sported by the models in different colors all the way down to Betsey ending the show with her trademark cartwheel and split. After that, her beautiful daughter Lulu and her adorable granddaughters joined Betsey as they all rushed backstage to start celebrating her comeback.

It was a comeback that was well worth all of the hard work and wait for nearly 5 months last year. All in all, Betsey remained true to herself, and that’s something I’ve always loved about her. Once again, welcome back Betsey! You may be starting over small, but you’re going to be back little by little. To view this stunning collection, visit here:


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