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Welcome to the Digital Coverage of Paris Fashion Week Day 9!

This is it, it’s the final day of Paris Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter 2013-14 season! It’s been a great week and a half of fashion shows, but like all good things out there, it must come to an end. When that ends, we have to wait for 4 months for until the Fall/Winter 2013-14 Haute Couture runway shows debut. We also have to wait for at least 6 months for until the Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows begin. Today’s shows are available live streamed through,, the designers’ official websites, or the designers’ official facebook pages. Today’s designers gracing the runway are Louis Vuitton, Vionnet, Moncler Gamme Rouge, Allude, Miu Miu, Mashama, Elie Saab, Jitrois, and Lie Sang Bong. When I leave a review of the shows, a link to the photographs of runway looks will be provided via, or a video of the runway show will be embedded via Fashion TV’s YouTube page. After I finish the reviews, I’ll leave a summary of the trends I spotted for the fall season. Au revoir mes amies!

From here, I’m going to cover Johannesburg Fashion Week, which is only 3 days long. I’ll do what I can to provide you with videos or photographs of the runway shows that will grace Johannesburg.


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