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Welcome to the Digital Coverage of MBISFW Day 1!

As the world keeps on turning, so too, should the fashion world. As the fashion world turns, we find ourselves landing in Istanbul, Turkey for their Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Fashion Week. Lasting only 4 days, Istanbul Fashion Week showcases the most well known designers’ latest collections for the season. I’m going to catch the fashion shows live streamed on and I invite you, my readers, to watch with me as I catch my very first glimpse of what Istanbul’s fashion designers have to offer when they rock the runways. Today’s designers scheduled to show are Mehtap Elaidi, Ece Gözen, NİAN BY NİHAN BURUK, “Red Beard” by Tanju Babacan, Lady Faith, Tween, Vogue Talents Happy Hour, Songül Cabacı, and Atıl Kutoğlu. I will provide you with links to photographs of the runway show or embed a video if I can find one.


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