Chronicles of a Pseudo Stylist

Fashion and Style combined with Polyvore sets

Flashback Fridays: Girlie Glam Rock in Blue

Girlie Glam Rock in Blue
Girlie Glam Rock in Blue by eclectic-ave82 featuring alexander mcqueen
The final day of the month of May has arrived, and with it comes the final Flashback Friday for the month of May also. In this edition, I have a set I made and subsequently entered in a contest called Blue ciel. The set, which I aptly titled “Girlie Glam Rock in Blue” could be seen as a reference towards the title of the 1973 Robert Blake cult classic “Electra Glide in Blue” which it is, features an all blue look with a decidedly glam-rock influence. The fact that the entire set and look are awash in blue is also a factor here when it came to picking a title for this set.

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