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Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-14: Schiaparelli

The world of Parisian Haute Couture was in for another shock, not too long after recovering from both Donatella’s and Naomi Campbell’s return to haute couture the previous day, when famed designer Christian Lacroix made his return to the fashion world. Sadly, this return was only for one day and only for Schiaparelli Couture. A longtime fan of Schiaparelli himself, Lacroix was floored when he was given the invitation by Farida Khelfa. Though he hasn’t been in the fashion world the last four years, Lacroix’s collection has proven just how much he’s left a mark on the fashion industry with his designs that I could only muster up one word to describe him: maverick. Yes, I consider Lacroix to be a maverick in the worlds of both fashion and haute-couture. After viewing this collection, I wish Lacroix was still creating collections for each season. Undoubtedly, this is a sentiment that is felt by many in the circles of fashion and haute couture.

A collection that is not for sale, but worth reviewing nonetheless, Lacroix stuck to the color palette that closely resembles most colors used in a Schiaparelli collection. Navy blue, black, red, peach bud, friar brown, hot pink, white, nude, bright green, cerulean, fuchsia rose, parrot green, royal blue, mineral red, rose violet, dress blues, blue nights, and seashell pink were the feature colors that were seen in Lacroix’s collection. After seeing photographs of the collection, I am unable to form words for what I thought of each look. Some of them look as if they were re-creations of Schiaparelli outfits, so stunning and unique. To see this extraordinary elegance and luxury, go to

It’s very likely you’ll be as speechless as I was, which isn’t surprising when it comes to the pairing of Lacroix and Schiaparelli.


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