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Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-14: Versace

The only fashion show airing today ( June 30th 2013)and considerably the inaugural show for Paris Haute Couture, Atelier Versace opened to much fanfare. It’s not very hard to have a runway show open with said fanfare, similar to that seen on the red carpet arrivals each year at the Academy Awards in LA, when you have the legendary and fierce übermodel Naomi Campbell open and close your runway show. As soon as Naomi Campbell made her grand entrance on the catwalk in Paris, the audience went wild! She hasn’t set foot on the catwalk for a Versace fashion show since the untimely death of Gianni Versace, so for many this was a welcome surprise.

The cameras were flashing like crazy to capture a shot of a legend strutting as if she never even left the catwalks of a Versace show for a 16 year sabbatical. What came with Naomi’s entrance down that catwalk was the beginning of a collection that was reminiscent of what you’d see from the late Gianni Versace when he was alive, a collection that still leaves me at a loss for words mere hours after the runway show took place. The collection itself was both fierce and glamourous, two things that I consider to be synonymous when it comes to Versace’s Haute Couture line. I did see some office domme glam to some of the outfits, however, I was soon proven wrong when I learned that the inspiration for Donatella’s collection was “the black and white photography of the thirties, updated for the twenty-first century” with artists “Horst and Man Ray” also serving as sources of inspiration. When I first read about the artistic inspiration, the minute I saw Man Ray listed as a source of said inspiration, I knew this collection would be spectacular.

The color palette for this collection was black, burgundy, magenta purple, blue depths, evergreen, crown blue, royal blue, jester red, midnight blue, and red mahogany. The stunning attention paid to the detailing in each look in the collection really showed, from the stitching to the embellishments and jewelry, Donatella is definitely back on top in the world of Haute Couture. Contrasting the detailing was the expansive amount of skin on display thanks to the plunging necklines seen in some looks, high slits seen in some of the gowns, and the bare midriffs in the looks that featured low rise pants or skirts with cropped sweaters. Some of the looks were menswear inspired. I did see some bias-cut gowns in the collection, some of which did show some leg. Those were in contrast to the body-conscious fit cocktail dresses in the collection. Models strutting down the runway to show off Donatella’s latest in haute couture sporting a nude lip and a smoky bedroom eye.

Mink fur and crocodile leather were used, specifically the crocodile leather was used to make a trench coat. Some of the gowns had art-deco styled detailing to them. Anatomical seams were seen in some skirts where there was paneling used with different fabrics, leather was used in contrast to the fabric that made some of them. Two things I haven’t seen in the last decade/decade in a half are low-rise flare leg pants and crop tops, which are definitely in. A floor-length skirt in one look was, while being a form-fitting skirt, paired with a cropped sweater.

One look that stood out to me was the one modeled by Lindsey Wixson, which was a catsuit with a plunging neckline. The fabrics and other textiles used were tulle, netting, sequins, lace, sheer fabrics, and velour were all dominant in the collection.  This collection, already said to be the best since she’s taken a hiatus from couture shows, is fierce and glamourous. Welcome back to couture, Donatella. We missed you!

To see the collection, visit:

Work cited: Phelps, Nicole. “Atelier Versace Fall 2013 Couture Collection on Runway Review.” 01 July 2013. Conde Nast. 01 July 2013 <;


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