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Welcome to the Digital Coverage of MBFW Miami Swim 2014: Day 5

Today is the day that every A lister, fashionista, and fashion journalist who attended every show and party during these last 5 days must bid adieu to Miami and South Beach as Miami Swim 2014 will come to a close by the time the nightlife begins. It’s been fun providing my readers with reviews of each show, especially since it takes place in one of many cities I love, Miami. The designers scheduled to show off their latest swimwear collections are Sauvage, Zingara Swimwear, Naïla, A. Ché Swimwear, 6 Shore Road, Aguaclara Swimwear, Aquarella, Caitlin Kelly, Minimale Animale, Anna Kosturova, Beach Riot, Indah, Lolli Swim, and Manglar. I’ll link a video to each show, as well as any photographs I can find.


One comment on “Welcome to the Digital Coverage of MBFW Miami Swim 2014: Day 5

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