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Digital Coverage of MBNYFW Spring/Summer 2015 Day 3: Christian Siriano

When you think of Christian Siriano, you immediately think of 21st century wearable art; couture that’s ready-to-wear in disguise. I could prattle on about how great of a designer he is, but then that would completely defeat the whole purpose of reviewing Siriano’s latest collection for the Spring/Summer season. I’m not completely sure about the overall theme of the latest collection, but what I did manage to get from it was practically a walking gradient of shades of blue and green, with influences clearly rooted in the 1970s decade of fashion. The collection was practically ethereal underwater embellished glamour immeshed in a sea of pastel sheer and lace. The shoes worn by the models were to die for! Variety in the type of heel was apparent, from stiletto to block lucite heel, and then some.

Siriano’s Spring/Summer 2015 color palette ranged from white to pool green, a palette that resulted in this very well-executed collection. The color that appeared to be the most dominant one in the entire collection was blue, ranging in shades of Whispering Blue to Aqua. Out of the entire palette, the one color that stood out the most was lone shade of green that was in about 3-4 different looks, that color being pool green. Since that shade of green was included, it was pointless of me to refer to the palette as a walking ombre in shades of blue. The collection , ranging from various dresses to a pant suit  and skirt set.

The potential buyers will find that in this Spring/Summer collection, there is clearly something for every female  out there who would purchase an outfit. Crop tops are still in vogue this season, with a few of them being backless crop tops. The drop-waist design is back in as well, with a drop-waist strapless dress spotted as one of the looks for the upcoming season. Many of the looks had a boat or bateau neckline, while I did spot one off-the shoulder dress. The other type of variety I saw in the collection was within the detailing, which ranged from the intricate embroidery all the way to the laser cut leather pieces.

The drapery and manipulation of the fabrics used are absolutely exquisite, one reason why he was meant to be amongst the past winners of “Project Runway”, and a potential contestant (and maybe winner) in “Project Runway All-Star”. The shoes, which I had already mentioned 2 paragraphs ago, were mere art themselves. Working with leather, snakeskin, and PVC/Lucite


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