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Digital Coverage of LFW Spring/Summer 2015 Day 1: PPQ

In the 22 years they’ve been in business, PPQ has garnered a cult following with their cutting-edge style and signature pieces. The signature pieces in their collections are cocktail dresses and smock-frocks, just so you know. Well, if you thought the oh-so-undying minimalism that is ubiquitous in the Fashion Industry was what won them that status of having said cult following, think again! PPQ is anything but minimalist. PPQ and minimalism, never the twain shall meet when it comes to fashion!

If you think the color palette that PPQ used in their latest collection would immediately put them in the category of minimalist or minimalism, I’d say you’re dead wrong in the arena of color. Just because said color palette is minimalist, it doesn’t mean a designer is gung-ho on having a minimalist collection, it’s all in how you use the colors. The color palette for PPQ’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection is white, silver, gray and gold. I can tell you right now, they put those colors to good use in their latest collection. The models strutted down the runway with straightened hair parted down the middle, silver glitter/or sequins were placed near the roots.

They looked fierce when they strutted down the runway on September 12th, hell they practically owned that runway! You do not mess with a PPQ girl, that’s the feeling I got. Also, that’s a feeling that I, as a woman, love having! If I were able to do so, I would’ve purchased every piece in that collection. The off-the-shoulder cocktail dress, with fringe and sequined “stripes” was to die for! I loved the glitter off-the-shoulder crop top that was paired with high-waisted jeans with fringe trim at the outer leg. If the jeans were acid-washed with said fringe, I’d be in 1980s Jersey Girl Mall Rat heaven!

There was another off-the-shoulder dress in the collection, in a sheer silver tinsel type fabric, with cut out sleeves that I loved. Thigh-high stockings were seen, which is quite popular, and I love them! The models wore white shoes, either heels or thigh-high boots. 3 pairs of those white heels were embellished either with spikes, rhinestones, or both. One other dress is strapless and top is trimmed in what I assume are maribou feathers. One other dress was sleeveless with a halter neck and decked out in fringe. Leather shorts and jacket, with a white top underneath, were paired beautifully with thigh high boots.

A high-neck bodysuit with a cape back, adorned with pearls down the upper torso area just screamed ethereal club kid goddess. Another dress with a halter neck and silver embellishment was also paired with thigh-high boots, the look did catch my eye. While the fringed dresses clearly brought out my inner Candy Johnson by making me want to purchase them just for the sole purpose of shimmying around in, the trenchcoat, made with a semi-sheer iridescent fabric, stole the show. The final outfit, an open blouse and slouchy trousers, reminded me of an outfit worn by TLC when they performed “Creep” in their music video. The only difference is is that the blouse was only buttoned at the chest in the music video.

All in all, this collection led me to wonder just if the designers were reading my mind here. Likely not the case, because had that been true, then there would’ve been a pair of high waisted acid washed jeans with fringe down the sides. I like to think so, anyhow. The overall vibe was one of a futuristic club kid, but at the same time, it also reminded me of a fashion spread from a November 1996 issue of  the now defunct ‘Teen Magazine; awash in metallic hues and iridescence from head to toe. That happened to be my favorite issue.

You can see photographs of the latest collection here at:


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