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Digital Coverage of MFW Spring/Summer 2015 Day 1: Fausto Puglisi

So far, I’ve had reason to be impressed with how the 1st day of Milan Fashion Week has turned out in comparison to the 1st day of London Fashion Week as far as the runway shows are concerned. Fausto Puglisi’s Spring/Summer ’15 runway collection was just one of the many shows that really impressed me. From the color palette, which was diverse, to the leather and embellishments that would dominate the runway, Puglisi clearly left no stone unturned when it came to the collection. From dresses to jumpers(or pinafore dresses for my British readers out there), with flat sandals ruling the runway with no questions asked, Puglisi’s latest collection left me so speechless, I had to literally lift my jaw up off of the ground so I wouldn’t allow any flies in my mouth. That is how impressed I was with Fausto Puglisi’s Spring/Summer collection.

Working with a color palette of white, black, gold, silver, navy blue, neon orange, neon yellow, orange, red, sky blue, and tan, Puglisi had a gladiator-style influence on the latest collection. Embellishments dominated the collection, with what appears to be rhinestone embellishments (I’m unsure as to whether or not that’s even so), silver & gold spikes, metal-looking sequin paillettes, and grommets. Embellishments could be seen on some tops and skirts, even on some dresses. However, the true stars of the embellisment show were the flat sandals sported by the models. Gladiator sandals, lower-calf length and knee high, and one band flip-flop sandals ranged in style from plain leather and patent leather to extreme embellishing.

The spiked sandals, both the gladiator and the flip-flop sandals, well let’s just say I immediately thought of the late, great singer of The Plasmatics, Wendy O. Williams. Though the late, great Wendy O. Williams sported spiked arm bands and knee pads, I honestly could see her sporting a pair of those spiked sandals. As to whether or not that would’ve happened had she been alive today, I don’t know, that’s pure speculation on my part. The spiked flip-flops literally screamed Wendy O. Williams to me, just literally. In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I die,” I could seriously see myself wearing those sandals, especially the gladiator sandals both the knee-high and the lower calf-length, and I’m speaking as someone who never really cared for gladiator sandals at all.

Layering is clear trend here, a trend I immediately spotted along with the embellished sandals. Another trend that I saw, it’s likely an emerging trend separate from layering, was layering cigarette leg pants or leggings underneath a mini skirt. It was evidenced in some of Puglisi’s looks, as was the use of leather. Open mesh was prominent, even in some of the leather outfits, from the jackets down to the skirts. Color blocking was done here, which to me means that the same fabric or material is used and sewn together often in different colors.

Geometric prints, especially the abstract geometric prints were dominant in many of the looks, from a crop top to a cardigan, abstract geometric prints dominated Puglisi’s runway. One geometric print that caught my eye was reminiscent of the top of the 1933 Chrysler Building in NYC on Lexington Ave. Some of Puglisi’s looks featured a sun graphic that was reminiscent of Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece. One other standout was the double slit miniskirt sported by one of the models, the skirt was one of many Puglisi’s embellished pieces.

The overall collection is one I love, especially with the mod/haute Greco-Roman feel and the overall glammed-up gladiator aesthete.


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