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Digital Coverage of LFW Spring/Summer 2015 Day 3: Pringle of Scotland

Remember the ubiquitous 1980s jingle for Pringle’s Potato Crisps that went: “I’ve got the fever for the flavor of a Pringle!”? Well, this same jingle is what immediately popped up in my head when I saw Pringle of Scotland’s latest runway show. The only difference here is that while I may not have the fever for the flavor of a Pringle, I do have a fever for the Spring/Summer collection of Pringle of Scotland. The line, which is a combination of sportswear/tennis wear fused with sequined embellishments, drew my eye primarily through its color palette and use of different fabrics.

Drawing upon a color palette of pastel blue, white, robin’s egg blue, aqua, gray,  blue-gray, sky blue, royal purple, black, and pink, while focusing on primarily wrap skirts and casual tops, what really counted here was the variety seen in each of the pieces by way of use of fabrics or embellishment.I like how there wasn’t any adherence to any one silhouette, as it did vary from form-fitting to boxy. Geometric prints were prominent as were sequined paillettes. Some looks were made of leather, primarily seen in the form of a wrap skirt. Models were seen wearing open-toed ankle boots with the looks they wore as they strutted down the runway.

However, there were only two looks that I considered to be the star of the show, those two looks, which were a dress and a semi-sheer top, were covered in plastic diamond triangles. When I first laid eyes on these two looks, I was immediately reminded of Paco Rabanne’s work during the 1960s. To be specific, the looks were reminiscent of Rabanne’s 1966 ‘kinetic crystal gazing’ kite coat. The overall collection did have a mod-sporty feel to it.


To see the coat I was describing, click here:


Here’s a link to some photographs that will also give you the fever for the Spring/Summer collection of Pringle of Scotland:


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