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Digital Coverage of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 1: Christine Phung

Sometimes being the 3rd show of the first day of Paris Fashion Week can be nerve wracking, and sometimes it isn’t. For designer Christine Phung, the latter is actually true. She clearly took on the challenge with aplomb and is clearly better off for doing so. Had I been in Ms. Phung’s place, I don’t even think I would’ve handled it as well as she did. I would literally be falling apart at the seams with nervousness. In watching her collection, along with factoring in how she handled being the 3rd show of the 1st day of PFW, her coolness shone through in her Spring/Summer collection.

Keeping it simple, if not somewhat off the wall, with her color palette helped considerably. White, red, black, navy blue, gray, blue-gray, periwinkle, and bronze as her color palette worked in her favor  from the minute the first model strutted down the runway in the first look. The shoes the models sported did have some semblance of variety, but not much. There were white oxfords and high heel sandals with a platform sole, the only sign of variety was in the color. Even then, the variety wasn’t great as it was only the high heel sandals that had a slight variety in color.

In spite of that, the color palette truly shined through in her clothes in this collection. Sheer ribbed fabric was prevalent in most of the looks, with complete outfits consisting of said fabric were present in the first two looks. The second look in the collection, which was a sleeveless dress, was one I loved. That was due to the way the dress was constructed with that fabric to make it appear as if it’s an intricately designed pattern within the fabric. Most of the looks had a fabric with polka dot print, with the polka dots having an abstract pattern to them. With this collection, the true star of the show was in the way she pieced together different fabrics.

A dress with a miniature caped back was seen on a model, while one sleeved, cap sleeved, or sleeveless looks dominated the runway. A one sleeve dress was seen, along with a high waist pleated skirt. Most of the skirts seen in the collection had box pleats. A few looks, that made their way down the catwalk as the runway show was about to end, featured dresses and a top with accordion pleating that was reminiscent of Zandra Rhodes’ looks during the late 1970s. Just when you thought the jumpsuit/playsuit trend was starting to fade, fear not, for there was one of each in this collection.

One of my favorite dresses has to be the red cowl-neck mini dress. I also loved the mini trench coat and the two cap-sleeved tops. Short-shorts were definitely not left out of this collection, though they were primarily paired with crop-tops. One other thing that drew my eye in was the fact that the models all had red-tinted eyebrows, something that I definitely liked. All in all, I liked this collection. I was unsure of what the theme behind this collection was, but I’ve managed to get a 1970s urban country club vibe.


To see photographs of this collection, click on this link:


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