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Digital Coverage of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 1: Pascal Millet

With a pink backdrop framing an otherwise plain catwalk, nobody really knew what to expect from Pascal Millet’s latest collection for Spring/Summer. The only thing one expected was that Millet was going to be using color, candy colors along with primary and neutral colors. That expectation was based on the fact that the backdrop was pink and it really stood out. By the time the show ended, it was clear that Pascal Millet delivered on the expectation of color. What was unexpected was whether or not the outfits would be stunning, let alone impressive. Based on what I saw of the runway show, I found the outfits both stunning and impressive. Good show, M. Millet, good show.

A color palette that consisted of red, white, black, peach, pink, pastel blue, blue, orange, gold, and red-orange would make one think not too many outfits could be made or even put together for one look. However, the key is in the different fabrics used for each outfit or look. Simply put, it’s all in how you use it. Judging by the looks alone, Millet clearly showed a strong sense of versatility alongside of his obvious creativity. Amongst the baseball caps and faux leather headbands, cropped pants were definitely an in thing for this collection.

Millet impressively integrated both solids and prints, as well as different fabrics in a few looks. The prints were floral, while the silhouette was actually a versatile one. It was boxy and baggy for the most part, but there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the use of a belt, or in Millet’s case, a cummerbund belt along with some regular belts, to change an otherwise shapeless top or dress into a piece that actually shows that there is a shape underneath that’s just wanting to shine through.

One other standout to me, when it came to the models was the lip color they sported, which was a peachy pastel orange. I actually liked the choice in lip color here, it complements the collection perfectly. Off the shoulder necklines were definitely in when it came to Millet’s collection, seeing such necklines on a few looks. Two such looks were dresses, albeit slightly slouchy, but beautiful nonetheless. Speaking of dresses, the range in silhouette was on a spectrum from baggy to slightly form fitting. Two dresses definitely sported a dropped waist that was ubiquitous during the mid-late 1980s, but the dresses also sported front slits.

One of my favorite tops was the off-the-shoulder crop top in one look as well as the off-the-shoulder tunic. I liked how Millet contrasted with color when it came to matching prints in a few looks. The one thing I didn’t care for was the shapeless dress in one look; the only saving grace for that look was the slit that shows enough leg. Each model also sported sandals with a criss cross band that came in either a flat or they had heels. I preferred the heels to the flats, but that has more to do with the particular band  being a criss-cross, albeit a rather thick band.

In closing, I actually liked Pascal Millet’s latest line. To me it had a late ’70s-early/mid ’80s Studio 54 meets Hawaii and Halston New Romantic vibe. I’m not sure if that’s accurate when it came to what M. Millet had in mind, but hopefully it comes close.

To see Pascal Millet’s stunning collection for yourselves, just click on this link:


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