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Digital Coverage of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 1: Dévastée

Dévastée is rather unique in the fashion industry, unique in the way that the designers, Ophelie Klere and François Alary, focus more on paying attention to detail. I appreciate the fact that they don’t, according to writer Lily Templeton”apologize for having an aesthetic intensely their own”*. There wasn’t any particular theme, which definitely set them apart in many ways as designers. I actually find this admirable, however, I just hope this actually manages to work in their favor in the long run. Plus, the way they market themselves is actually something that works in their favor by way of opening a pop-up store. Well played cool cats, well played.

However, one thing that I did not care for was their very limited color palette, which consisted of black, white, navy blue, and gray. Their collection used printed fabrics, which varied from look to look. The models all had side parted straight hair with a red lip, while sporting oxfords on their feet. Nary a heel is seen in this collection. One printed fabric that stood out to me was what I describe as the drawn cloud comic print. Seen in two looks, both of which were topped off with 3 polka dots lined up diagonally.

Some of the collection featured menswear-inspired clothes and suits, which were seen near the end of the show. The silhouettes were primarily boxy and shapeless, with crop tops and cap sleeve tops featured prominently. Another fabric that drew in my eye was the sheer arcade lace print fabric used in a look as well as the layering of the same printed fabrics with contrasting colors. Layering of sheer fabrics was seen in some looks. Shorts, shorts were everywhere and even a few short-shorts thrown in for good measure.

Draping in some looks were also seen, which I liked because of how well the fabric was manipulated. All in all, I only liked the necklaces and the dropped waist mini-shirt dress. Printed fabrics were the star of the show in a sea of limited, albeit very little color.


To see this collection for yourselves, click here:







*Templeton, Lily. “Dévastée Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2015 Paris”. Sept.23, 2014.



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