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A groundbreaking first in digital coverage from an American blogger: I hereby present the 1st ever Digital Coverage of New Delhi, India, Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week.

Yep, I am announcing that for the very first time in 2 years I am going to start blogging about India’s own Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Fashion Week in New Delhi! Starting today, New Delhi will welcome fashion luminaries from around the globe as well as from all of India. This event lasts for until Sunday, the 12th. I’ll be posting links to photographs from the shows primarily at or at other Indian Fashion Magazines. The same goes for runway videos, except I’ll find those on YouTube. The schedule is below, but Indian times will be listed, with the times in America are in parentheses:

October 8: Péro by Aneeth Arora is given the honor of opening New Delhi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 at 1:15pm(3:45am), Hemant & Nandita at 4:30pm(7am), Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan at 4:30pm(7am), ATSU at 6pm(8:30am), Alpana Neeraj at 6pm(8:30am), Geisha Designs by Paras & Shalini at 7pm(9:30am), and Tarun Tahillani closes the 1st day at 9:15pm(11:45am).

October 9: Day 2 starts off with EKA at 3pm(5:30am), Virtues by Viral at 3pm(5:30am), Ashish & Vikrant at 3pm(5:30am), Manish Gupta at 4:30pm(7am), Rajputana by Samant Chauhan at 4:30pm(7am), Kavita Bhartia at 5:45pm(8:15am), Payal Pratap at 7pm(9:30am), Gauri & Nainika at 8:15pm(10:45am), Malini Ramani at 8:15pm(10:45am), and Pankaj & Nidhi close day 2 at 9:30pm(noon).

October 10: Chhaya Mehrotra is the opener for the 3rd day, starting at 2pm(4:30am), Poonam Dubey at 2pm(4:30am), Prerna Bharadwaj at 2pm(4:30am), Ritu Pande at 2pm(4:30am), Saaj by Ankita at 2pm(4:30am), Payal Singhal at 3:15pm(5:45am), Sneha Arora at 3:15pm(5:45am), Tanvi Kedia at 3:15pm(5:45am), Mynah’s Reynu Taandon at 4:30pm(7am), Nachiket Barve at 5:45pm(8:15am), Shivan & Narresh at 5:45pm(8:15am), Anupamaa by Anupama Dayal at 7pm(9:30am), Sanchita at 7pm(9:30am), Rajesh Pratap Singh at 8pm(10:30am), Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers at 9pm(11:30am), Ashish N Soni at 9pm(11:30am), and Fiama Di Wills show presents Masaba will end the 3rd day at 9:45pm(12:15pm).

October 11: Bhanuni by Jyoti starts off day 4 at 2pm(4:30am), Josh Goraya at 2pm(4:30am), Vivek Karunakaran at 2pm(4:30am), Mrinalini at 3:15pm(5:45am), Sahil Kochhar at 3:15pm(5:45am), 431-88 by Shweta Kapur at 3:15pm(5:45am), Dev r Nil at 4:30pm(7am), Urvashi Kaur at 4:30pm(7am), Raakesh Agarvwal at 5:45pm(8:15am), Vineet Bahl ‘Premier’ at 5:45pm(8:15am), Rabani at 5:45pm(8:15am), Siddartha Tytler at 5:45pm(8:15am), and Wendell Rodricks will close off the 4th day at 9pm(11:30am).

October 12: Niharika Pandey was chosen to start off the 5th and final day of New Delhi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 at 2pm(4:30am), Niket Mishra at 2pm(4:30am), Rahul Singh at 2pm(4:30am), Joy Mitra at 3:15pm(5:45am), Neeta Bhargava at 3:15pm(5:45am), Rehane at 3:15pm(5:45am), Nida Mahmood at 4:30pm(7am), Annaikka by Kanika Saluja at 4:30pm(7am), and Roopa Pemmaraju brings New Delhi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 to an end at 5:45pm(8:15am).

Now, I should make it known that when the designers were listed, they’re all scheduled at the same time. The + separates the different designers all in one time block. I will post the schedule for Istanbul fashion week and do what I can with Dubai’s, which is called Fashion Forward Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Dubai, UAE, when it comes to a schedule, photographs, and runway videos.


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