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Digital Coverage of Pre-Fall 2015: Diesel Black Gold

The Holiday season is upon us and my wish list and shopping has already ended almost 2 weeks ago. Just when I thought I could relax and continue posting my reviews for both current fashion weeks and past ones, I happen to stumble upon Here the latest and greatest of Pre-Fall, which takes place before the Spring/Summer Haute Couture fashion week in Paris kicks off and then Fall/Winter collections hit the runway later on, are showcased. After looking, and admittedly drooling, at the collection of 32 looks for the label of Diesel Black Gold, I found myself wishing that I could still do some long overdue shopping. I’m starting to have high hopes for this season, not to mention what this could very well mean when Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Week kicks off globally for two months before resort collections debut.

Hopefully, we’ll shift away from the very plague that is minimalist normcore. I’m sure some of my readers are rolling their eyes at my ranting over the lack of avant-garde-ness (is that even a word?), not to mention color, that I had the misfortune of witnessing during the Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks worldwide. To make things even worse, Jean-Paul Gaultier is no longer doing ready-to-wear! He’s still designing, but he only does haute-couture now. I cheer myself up by falsely hoping that he’ll come back to do ready-to-wear, but it won’t be every season or year. I don’t want fashion to become gentrified, I want it to be artistic, but wearable at the same time. Those two things in fashion, artistic and wearable, can be accomplished.

A color palette of dark, yet also neutral colors greeted us in the looks, with black being the main color. Gray, white, navy blue, burgundy, red, olive green, light gray, and royal blue are also featured. Motorcycle jackets were one of the show’s main focuses for the collection, with jeans alongside. I will say that this collection of 32 looks was impressive, with the leather motorcycle jacket that’s awash in a sea of studs and spikes, being my favorite piece in the collection. I would love nothing more than to own that jacket! Leather, while not the sole fabric in the collection, was used. Silk georgette, sheer fabrics, fur trim, wool, tweed, and corduroy were seen in some looks. Flare leg pants, high waisted trousers, and printed denim were all popular. A-line mini skirts slightly reminiscent of a Mary Quant ginger group revival seen in the mid-late ’90s, were prevalent. Cropped sweaters, plaid/check prints, sheer sleeves, embroidery, and a pinstripe pea coat stood out.

Despite the limited use of color, the designer of the collection clearly has proven to make it work, something that I find admirable. I loved the collection fiercely, primarily because of the fierce factor in my dream jacket. The entire collection reminds me of late 1980s-early/mid 1990s fashion with a mod twist.


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