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The Schedule for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Fall/Winter 2015-16 is here!

Fashion sweeps have begun, with this being the last week or two of the month of January! I have the official schedule for Berlin’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Week and I’m going to post it here*:

January 19: Charlotte Ronson opens the first day of Berlin’s Fall/Winter 2015-16 Fashion Week at 10am, Ivanman follows at 10:30am, Sadak at 11:30am, Odeur at 1pm, Dyn at 2pm, SoPopular at 3pm, Pearly Wong at 4:30pm, Nihan/Nihan Buruk at 5pm, Laurel at 6pm, Augustin Teboul at 6:30pm, Kilian Kerner at 7pm, and It’s Showtime closes the first day of Berlin Fashion Week at 8:30pm.

January 20: The 2nd day of Berlin Fashion Week begins with Anja Gockel at 10am, Aleks Kurkowski at 10:30am, Schacky and Jones at 11am, Lena Hoschek at 11:30am, Bobby Kolade at noon, Minx by Eva Lutz at 1pm, Barre Noire at 2pm, Rebekka Ruetz at 3pm, Green Showroom at 3:30pm, Marc Cain at 4:30pm, Anne Gorke at 5pm, Riani at 6pm, Malaikaraiss at 7:30pm, Dimitri at 8pm, Kaseee at 8:30pm, and Holy Ghost ends Day 2 at 9pm.

January 21: Dorothee Schumacher is given the honor of gracing us this 3rd day of fashion week with her runway show at 10am, Mercedes-Benz Press Vernissage at 10:30am, Paper London at 11:30am, Capara at noon, Glaw at 1pm, Hien Le at 1:30pm, Ioana Ciolacu at 2pm, William Fan at 3pm, Ben Weide at 3:30pm, Rike Feurstein at 4:30pm, Zukker at 5pm, Esther Perbandt at 6pm, Perret Schaad at 6:30pm, Kaviar Gauche at 7pm, Guido Maria Kretschmer 8pm, and Julian Zigerli – All Time Favorite closes the 3rd day of Berlin Fashion Week at 8:30pm.

January 22: The 4th and final day of Berlin Fashion Week starts off at 10am with Isabell De Hillerin, Thomas Hanisch follows at 10:30am, Ewa Herzog at 11:30am, Studio 30PH at 1pm, Vektor at 2pm, Irene Luft at 3pm, Use Unused at 4:30pm, Whitetail at 5pm, and Marina Hoermanseder closes day 4 of Berlin Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter Season.

*= The times listed are the actual time of day in Berlin, Germany. It’s likely that the times of the shows stateside (in the USA) are going to take place in the morning and end in the late afternoon-early evening.


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