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Welcome to the Digital Coverage of MBFWB Autumn/Winter 2015-16!: Day 1

Berlin is all atwitter with fashion on its mind every January annually! Today is no exception as it’s an indication that the next two months are going to be filled with fashion non-stop around the world! The first day of Berlin’s fashion week kicks off the fashionable (no pun intended!) festivities both city wide and world wide. Locally speaking today is the first day of Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015-16, with there only being four days, ending on the 22nd of January. Worldwide, however, it kicks off a fashion-filled two months or so. By the time April comes, the resort collections will start being showcased. About a week and a half from now, Paris shows off their latest haute couture for the fall/winter season before fashion week starts up again in February. Today’s designers showing off their latest are: Charlotte Ronson (probably the spring/summer collection), Dyn, Sadak, Odeur, Laurel, Kilian Kerner, Nihan/Nihan Buruk, It’s Showtime, Pearly Wong, Augustin Teboul, and Sopopular.

I’ll post reviews when I can as quickly as I can, but to see the collections for yourselves, go to or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s Youtube Channel.


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