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Digital Coverage of PFW Fall/Winter 2015-16 Day 1: Victoria Victoria Beckham

Surprisingly, unbeknownst to even me, Victoria Victoria Beckham had a presentation that preceded the very first show today in Paris. An even bigger surprise would be just how much I LOVED this collection, to paraphrase fellow Jersey girl and Italian-American (AND favorite Housewife on hit Bravo show “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”)Teresa Giudice, “Love, love, love.”, meaning I loved it at lot! If this presentation wasn’t a precursor as to how great the first day of Paris Fashion Week would turn out, then I don’t know what is. Hopefully I can repeat this come next Wednesday when Paris Fashion Week ends. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for until then.

However, the minute I laid eyes on the looks, that was when I saw something that was definitely amiss in the looks. That something was that there appeared to be a 1990s style ’60s/’70s revival that was popular in fashion in parts of that decade. A Fall/Winter collection that boasted a color palette of royal blue, yellow, black, green, orange, blue, tan, pink, red, white, burgundy, and cream it would soon be clear that the collection was dominant with prints. Animal prints, checker print, gingham print, plaid prints and a denim patchwork print seen in a jumpsuit that was cuffed at the ankle. Flats adorned the feet of the model showing off Ms. Beckham’s latest and greatest, with variety being a key factor by means of color and type, while said flats were pointy-toed flats.

Color blocking is turning out to be an actual thing based on what I saw today as far as other shows are concerned, with it not being limited to just the pieces in some looks. Color blocking was seen in the flats sported by the model, as well as the ankle wrap flats in one look. The main thing that has ruled this collection is none other than prints. When it came to prints, it’s clear that “Viva Variety!”, was the secret word for Victoria Victoria Beckham. Plaid prints, check prints, patchwork denim print, gingham print, animal print, and trompe l’oeil print dominated the collection. Mini skirts and Mini dresses were seen in some looks, both of which definitely harkened back to the “Youthquake” started in London with designer Mary Quant and her mini skirt that never dies.

Did I mention variety? I believe I did in the last paragraph, but this is to note that there’s a possibility that drop-waisted dresses are going to be making a comeback within the next few seasons. Of course, that’s also something that remains to be seen, but I still wouldn’t be surprised. This first hint of a possible emerging trend is based on the drop-waist mini dress seen in one look. Once again, only time will tell if this even becomes a trend, let alone an emerging one. Just remember that if it does, I called it first.

Peacoats are re-emerging on the runways this season, from New York to Paris, the peacoat is coming back. Skirt suits are making a comeback, especially so in Victoria Victoria Beckham. Just a recommendation, if you own a Philip Treacy hat or fascinator, it would go perfect with one of these skirt suits. The same goes for any other hat or fascinator. Pieces were done in a felt/tweed fabric, some in a plaid print. The standout piece, for me, anyway, is the jumpsuit featuring a patchwork denim print. Another emerging trend I spotted is a swing top that was featured in one of the looks, I would look for this trend to take steam around the S/S season or the resort collections that are about to start being presented over the next 2-3 months.

All in all, I loved this collection. It had a definite mod 1960s-early 1970s theme something that’s rather ubiquitous amongst most designers who graced the runways worldwide already. Though I do see some elements that did harken me back to the late 1990s style ’60s/’70s.





To see photographs of this collection, click here at :


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