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Digital Coverage of PFW Fall/Winter 2015-16 Day 4: Undercover

Some may think that art and fashion do not mix, that it’s something better suited to Haute Couture. However, it appears that the designer, who is Jun Takahashi, and I would both beg to differ in that case. Fashion and art both do and can mix, if fashion and music mix, then who’s to say that it can’t be the same for art and fashion? In the worlds of Undercover and Jun Takahashi, the surrealist approach to utilizing art to convey a message in this captivating collection for Fall/Winter 2015-16 has served both the designer and those in attendance at his runway show well.

  With a color palette of brown, yellow, tan, burgundy, black, white, cream, royal blue, red, navy blue, and Marsala, Takahashi put together a message that tackles ageism and society’s view towards women and plastic surgery. Models were walking down the runway sporting creepy looking plastic surgery, probably post-surgical, masks. These masks gave the appearance of work being done such as smoother foreheads, straighter noses, fuller lips, and defined cheekbones. Quite the standout at first glance, but soon you’ll see that it ties together everything that was conveyed in the looks. The looks were reminiscent of something seen in the setting of a plastic surgeon’s office, done with a twist. Some were reminiscent of socialites and other women trying to recapture and retain a youthful visage.

 Slouchy fit jacket and blouson style jackets were featured, one of which was a varsity letterman jacket. Coats were abundant in the collection, from a trench coat to a fitted waistcoat with puff sleeves, coats made the look. Takahashi’s draping abilities are impeccable, based on what I’ve seen in different looks. Plus, I was pleased to see the piecing together of different fabrics, another trend that I’ve noticed sweeping the season’s runway shows. Velvet fabrics have come back in style, whether it be a pair of pants or even a skirt, there’s no denying velvet may very well be in.

 Sheer fabrics used in the collection stood out as a layer for a pair of pants. At least I think it’s sheer fabrics, I could be wrong. The collection had a surrealistic clinical feel to it, from the shoes right up to the lab coats. Even the shoes had a twist to them, some looks had models wearing basic nurse shoes, while some had high heeled versions of fuzzy slippers, and some even wore heels that had a platform sole. In addition to draping, Takahashi also is adept at the art of piecing together different fabrics seen in one look.

  However, what really made me turn my head were the looks that featured a labcoat, shirt, trousers, trench coat, or a skirt. The mere articles of clothing themselves weren’t what turned my head, instead, the embellishments on those pieces were head-turning. Now wait for it…those embellishments appeared to red shards or red stained glass to represent what is something only the designer knows and only what we can interpret the meaning of. 

 All in all, I was really impressed by Takahashi’s collection and have left looking forward to what he will unveil for the upcoming S/S’16 collection this fall.  

To view the collection, click on this link: Undercover Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2015 Paris


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