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Digital Coverage of PFW Fall/Winter 2015-16 Day 8: Alexander McQueen

I wonder if this latest collection Ms. Burton had put out is going to spark a revival of the oft short-lived New Romantic era that was rampant in the UK after the Punk era had died down in the early 1980s? From the time the first outfit appeared all the way to the final outfit, it appeared as if this was going to be a wardrobe for a couture-style “Alice In Wonderland” film or at the very least, a collection that a minimalist gothic steampunk lolita would be driven to the very edge with desire to own every piece in the collection. The looks would be apropos for some afternoon or mid-morning tea on a drearily overcast day in a lush garden scene with the hauntingly, yet also strangely, beautiful docile tones of a mashup of Victorian era music and songs played by bands synonymous with the New Romantic era along with standalone music from their respective eras wafting through the fragrantly floral, yet both fresh and stale air. In all honesty, I was very impressed with this collection that Sarah Burton brought forth. It was like a breath of fresh air during Burton’s tenure, which has had many mixed feelings as to whether or not she’s a perfect fit for the design house.

A color palette blooming with shades of pink, black, white, cream, red, burgundy, marsala, nude, powder pink, and pastel pink, helped in making the looks in the collection a cohesive one that stuck to the theme of roses and assorted motifs pertaining to do with such. Some standout looks clearly stood out due to impeccable fabric manipulation that I thought was done to make the dress, or at least the lower half of it, appear to be made of a large bouquet of roses. A majority of the looks consisted of sheer and lace fabrics, which were adorned with ruffles or even tiers of ruffles in some cases, while some sported leather jackets with a fur collar. The leather was floral embossed in keeping with the theme of a Victorian English Rose, and the models sported Victorian-inspired hairstyles. A few stand-out looks featured what appeared to be brocade or jacquard fabrics, with fringed trim framing the outfits.

However, one new thing I noticed was that blazers appear to be on the out over in the House of McQueen, which makes me wonder whether or not other labels will follow suit within the next two seasons. At least with this collection, knife pleats may be replacing blazers in future collections. Only time will tell in this case, for I could be extremely off base on this or even partially off base. Overall, I actually loved this collection, as it did leave me reminiscing about the runway shows of fashion weeks past that were done when the late great (Lee)Alexander McQueen was alive. It could’ve reminded me of one of his collections had it been injected with some much needed theatrics. I practically expected it since the runway show had taken place at the Conciergerie, where as noted by writer Jessica Michault, “had been the same place where McQueen showed one of his collections, ‘Supercalifarilistic’.”

In closing, the entire show was McQueen meets late 1970s-early 1980s Gunne Sax new romantic English Rose.


To view Ms. Burton’s latest and greatest for McQueen, visit:


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