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Digital Coverage of PFW Fall/Winter 2015-16 Day 3: Rick Owens

If there’s one thing designer Rick Owens knows how to do, it’s creating a dramatic collection coupled with a dramatic runway show. Owens’s latest collection for the Fall/Winter season both illustrates and emphasizes that, albeit in a rather abstract manner. Metallics ruled the Rick Owens runway, color, though left to a minimum with some neutrals and your standard black and white. The one standout color for me in this whole collection was mauve, a color that I had mistaken for being the color thistle. It stood out brilliantly, along with the other colors in the collection.

In addition, the color palette for the latest collection was black, white, gray, navy blue, purple, silver, mauve, gold, and bronze. While I like the color palette, the silhouette this season is another thing all together, which is something that is becoming a peeve of mine through and through regardless of who the designer is. The baggy/loose fit silhouette that I’ve seen in recent seasons just does nothing for me, it’s starting to turn into overkill. 

  However, in spite of what I think if the silhouette, Owens’s theme was “Sphinx”, which was a total giveaway to some people if you were to look at some of the makeup sported by the models. The models, well some models, sported face makeup in either silver or gold. The aforementioned models strutted down the runway in open-toed booties, while the face makeup varied from model to model. Geometric tribal(I use the term tribal loosely in relation to fashion, primarily due to my own personal political correctness) designs in metallic sequins on blanket like designs, which were likely ponchos or pullovers stood out. Some looks had fringe, quilting, or ruching, while a majority of the looks were a masterclass in fabric manipulation. A few of the looks even utilized the piecing together of different fabrics/or colorblocking. Cap sleeves caught my eye in this collection, along with the skirts. The skirts were either ankle-length or floor length and some had a side slit. In keeping with Owens’s artistic take on Ancient Egyptian culture, you could see some looks sported raw edged or frayed hems.

  Overall, I loved this collection and the artistic approach Owens brought forth for this collection. To me his take on “Sphinx” was one of a post-modern minimal approach. Gaultier-esque minimalism is about the only kind of minimalism I can tolerate here and in other fashion shows.

View the collection at:


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