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I figured I’d leave another announcement that involves any changes being made to my blog; this time it has more to do with publication of the entries and dating. With the dating, I will only date entries introducing the beginning of each day taking place during Fashion Week/Month as being published on the same day and any time from midnight-11: 59 pm on said day. This will be the only exception I make when it comes to publish entry dates, aside from the pre-published blank entries and the ones I already published or wrote and saved a draft before I went on hiatus. As far as schedules for the “big four” Fashion Weeks go, I will NOT be dating them prior to the week taking place unless I have pre-published an entry that is blank. That means there’s an increased likelihood that I will be posting a schedule in tandem with posting the entry that announces the designers/labels scheduled to hit the runways that day.

There will also be cases where I could be posting the schedule in an effort to play “catch-up” and it will be NOT be pre-dated/timed. For example, if I posted a schedule for Milan’s 2014 S/S Fashion Week 3 years later, then the date and time I post the schedule will reflect that. The same goes for reviews that I have yet to even write/publish and the day entries that introduced the designers scheduled for the runway. In any case, when I publish a day later than expected, the words “Digital Coverage” will be removed from the headline. I’m still not sure as to whether or not the change there will be permanent, though. That may change, but either way, I’ll make sure I leave a post announcing it.

One final thing, the calendar for the runway shows on is actually up and running. So I’ll also be relying on that to ensure that every show is covered and reviewed. I apologize for the mistake made in the previous entry.


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